I see a major change happening in our business world, even as I type this copy, Industries are closing, Jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate. Job security is really a thing of the past. Gone are the days of long term full time employment. The only answer I have found is to be in charge of your own financial situation. That is have your own small business to ensure your family finances are secure into the uncertain future.


Starting up your first small business can be quite a daunting task if you don't have a road map setting out all the things you need to consider before spending hard earned dollars. That is why you should listen to someone who has done all this before, made mistakes, made money, lost money too, and that is me. I have put together a 10 part video series showing all the steps to ensure what your proposing has a good chance of being successful, the Devil is always in the detail.


The Subjects my videos cover are : Mindset video which sets you on a business like thinking. Brainstorm video which clears the air on your first choice ideas. Needs video checks on the success of your ideas. Customers video teaches you where your customers are. Advertising video will show you ways to reduce costs. Finance video shows you different ways to access funds. Legals video informs you how to check on laws in your area. Overheads video guides through set up your business. Competition video shows you how to check out the opposition. Takeovers video is an exciting option when you have the business knowledge.


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